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Our Team

Our Team


Dr. G. Ashe
Dr. A. Au
Dr. D. Beattie
Dr. D. Briggs
Dr. K. Comeau
Dr. D. Dufour
Dr. J. Erb
Dr. A. Everett
Dr. B. Hart
Dr. A. Holla
Dr. R. Irvine
Dr. A.F. Jaworski
Dr. L. Koziar
Dr. L. Lo
Dr. A Maitland
Dr. V. Malevich
Dr. C. Ng
Dr. E. OConnor
Dr. D. Pajot
Dr. N. Premji
Dr. M. Ruparelia
Dr. A. Steacie
Dr. M. Steyn
Dr. J. Taylor
Dr. A. Therrien
Dr. M. Tyler
Dr. B. Van Jaarsveld

Nurse Practitioners

Amy Doiron RN(EC), Nurse Practitioner
Pam Musgrave RN(EC), Nurse Practitioner
Phoebe Collard RN(EC), Nurse Practitioner
Jane Merrifield RN(EC), Nurse Practitioner
Debra Morin RN (EC), Nurse Practitioner
Colleen White RN (EC), Nurse Practitioner
Mary Hungerford, RN(EC), Nurse Practitioner
Maria Dalby RN(EC), Nurse Practitioner

Administrative Team

Lisa McMartin, Administrator
Sherri Fournier-Hudson, Executive Director
Lisa Stratton, Human Resources Administrator
Michael Shupe, Information Technology Specialist
Emily Maskell, Program Manager
Aimee Childs, Receptionist
Kelli McPherson, Receptionist
Melissa Noonan, Receptionist
Ashley Sommerdyk, Receptionist

Clinical Staff

Emily Bohusz, Social Worker
Theresa Couto, Registered Dietitian
Evelyn Dales, Social Worker
Linda Hansen, Registered Nurse
Lorna Hilborn, Registered Dietitian
Sharon Hinbest, Social Worker
Nicole Kirkby, Registered Nurse
Louise Laforge, Registered Practical Nurse
Randi Livius, Registered Practical Nurse
Lisa Lunn , Social Worker
Heather MacCrimmon, Thrive Resource Worker
Tammy Malone, Registered Nurse
Samantha McCrae, Registered Nurse
Dianne McIntyre, Registered Nurse
Kelly Ralph, Registered Nurse
Francis Reuvers, Registered Practical Nurse
Marilla Seward, Social Worker
Julie Shaw, Social Worker
Melissa Spence, Registered Nurse

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Meaghan Hart
Registered Nurse
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