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Our mission is to maintain and

improve the health of our community

by providing patient centred,

comprehensive and responsive care

of the acute and chronic physical,

mental, and emotional needs of our

patients and by providing a high level

of health promotion and prevention



Our vision is to improve the health of individuals in our community with excellent care by a family-centred, collaborative, accessible, primary health care team working in an integrated system.

The Upper Canada Family Health Team comprises of a group of health care professionals working collaboratively to provide comprehensive and accessible health care. The goals of the Upper Canada Family Health Team include preventing illness and promoting the health of patients. Measurable goals include reducing the number of patients in Brockville and the Thousand Islands who do not have a health care provider, reducing ER visits for minor illness, and reducing hospital admissions for chronic illnesses.

As part of this purpose, we seek to strengthen and deepen community partnerships with a variety of local providers and various other private and public groups to the end that this maximizes resources and minimizes waiting times.

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