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Lung Health

The Smoking Cessation Program offers education, supportive counselling and assistance with pharmacotherapy (nicotine replacement therapy) for patients wanting to quit smoking.  Patients can self refer to this program and will meet with a Registered Nurse who is a smoking cessation counsellor.  Together a treatment plan will be developed that is based on the patient’s goals. 


The Lung Health Program assists individuals to cope with the emotional and physical challenges of living with COPD.  Typically the first appointment with the Lung Health Nurse focuses on:

  • A review of all medications including:  effects of each medication and the reason it was prescribed, proper administration and side effects;

  • A review of the progress with the Smoking Cessation Program (if applicable);

  • A discussion about Energy Conservation;

  • A discussion about triggers regarding exacerbations of COPD;

  • The development of a COPD Action Plan


Follow up appointments will be arranged as required. 

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