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Patient & Family Advisory Committee

What is a Patient Family Advisor?

The Upper Canada Family Health Team is committed to putting patients and their families first and that means viewing the healthcare experience through their eyes.

Our Patient and Family Advisory Committee represents the voice of UCFHT’s patient and families who have unique experience, insights, expertise and perspectives that are invaluable to improving care. The committee is an opportunity for patients and families to participate as partners in planning services and systems which can positively shape the patient experience.

A Patient Family Advisor is someone who has had a recent experience either as a patient, or the family member of a patient being cared for at the Upper Canada Family Health Team. They partner with the Upper Canada Family Health Team staff and physicians to provide direct input into policies, programs and practices which affect the patient experience.


Application Process

  • Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. The application process will include a short interview and two reference checks. Following the formal process, the applicant will be personally notified about the outcome of their application.


What Do Patient Family Advisors Do?

Tell Their Story

  • Sharing stories about their experiences – positive and negative – is an important way to gather insights about each other and better understand how the patient and family experience can be improved.


Participate in Committee Work

  • They bring an invaluable patient and family perspective to planning and decision making.


Review and Help Create Education or Information Materials

  • They contribute to the creation of supportive patient and family material such as forms, health information handouts and discharge instructions, ensuring tools are meaningful, and easy-to-understand.


Special Projects

  • They may partner with us on special projects, such as helping to launch a new initiative or plan a patient service or space.


What Can Patient Family Advisors Expect in Their Role?

  • Receive education and orientation to their program, service and/or committee

  • Accessible meeting rooms and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act information

  • Participate in meetings held at a variety of times (usually between 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)

  • Frequency of meetings is dependent on the work of each committee and project scopes

  • Abbreviations, acronyms and terms will be clearly defined/explained

  • Reward and knowledge they are making a positive difference in how healthcare is delivered at the Upper Canada Family Health Team

Should You Become a Patient Family Advisor?

When you or your family member receive health care from the Upper Canada Family Health Team, have you noticed that there were things we could have done better? Do you have ideas about how the Upper Canada Family Health Team can improve the patient and family experience? The Patient Family Advisory Committee provides invaluable information and perspectives that help us improve the quality and safety of care.

What Qualifications are Required?

People who have had a recent experience either as a patient or the family member of a patient being cared for at Upper Canada Family Health Team are eligible to be a Patient Family Advisor, providing they are 16 years old or over. No special qualifications are required. What is most important is their experience as a patient or family member and their willingness to share their story and ideas in a constructive way.

What is the Time Commitment?

 Patient Family Advisors must commit to serving on the committee for a minimum of two years. The time commitment and meeting frequency varies depending on the specific projects or activities in which each advisor is participating.


Attachments (click to download)

UCFHT Expression of Interest Form (printable) or use our online form

UCFHT PAC Terms of Reference

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